10 Biggest
Fast-Food Chains In America

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Despite workforce shortages, salary rises, the pandemic, and increased food costs, McDonald's had a strong 2021. Adapting to a changing market helped the chain grow.

1. McDonald's

Starbucks' year has been tough, with more outlets unionising. 2021 results maintained the brand's status as the second-largest quick-service chain in America.

2. Starbucks

This "chicken tiny" chain is ranked third among heavyweights. Chick-fil-2,704 A's U.S. outlets dwarf McDonald's 13,438.

3. Chick-fil-A

Taco Bell established a new "fire" level of superfan in 2020. The "Go Mobile" prototype shop enhanced drive-thru and curbside pickup.

4. Taco Bell

Wendy's is riding high after dethroning Burger King as the nation's second-favorite burger chain after McDonald's.

5. Wendy's

America still runs on Dunkin', even under the threat of a pandemic. The fast-food establishment kept business humming owing to new beverages and consumers craving donuts.

6. Dunkin'

Just because it's not America's second-favorite fast-food burger chain anymore, doesn't mean Burger King has completely fallen off the radar.

7. Burger King

Last year, Subway made $9 billion. In 2019, the chain's revenues were above $10 billion, putting it in sixth position on this list.

8. Subway

Domino's is the only fast-food pizza chain in the top 10, despite the epidemic. Papa Johns is #25 while Pizza Hut is #13.

9. Domino's

Chipotle, which usually had greater dine-in sales, benefited from the epidemic. A year before the outbreak, Chipotle debuted order-ahead drive-thrus.

10. Chipotle

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