12 Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Soda

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12. Brain Tumors

Aspartame in some diet drinks can be turned to carcinogenic formaldehyde in the body, increasing the risk of brain tumours.

11. Bladder Cancer

Soda may raise your chance of obesity, which can cause bladder and brain malignancies.

10. Billary Cirrhosis

Cancer risk reduction Reduce soda intake. Saccharin and sodium cyclamate, two soda sweeteners, cause cancer in experimental rats.

9. Erectile Dysfunction

Avoiding soda helps your liver. Artificial sweeteners, such those in diet drinks, can cause bile duct inflammation and cirrhosis.

8. Ulcers

Soft drinks may be affecting your libido. Sodas raise cholesterol and blood pressure, causing poor circulation and erectile dysfunction.

7. Heartburn

Soda consumption may aggravate stomach ulcers. Caffeine and carbonation can irritate your stomach lining, making ulcers more likely and worsening existing ones.

6. Bloating

Your soda habit may be giving you heartburn. Carbonated soft drinks promote stomach bloating, which can cause acid reflux.

5. Osteoporosis

Unfortunately, soda bubbles typically end up in your belly. Gas in your intestines causes bloating, which may make your belly swollen and painful.

4. Hair Loss

Soda harms healthy bones. Cocaine intake reduces bone density, making you more prone to fractures and mobility loss as you age. 

3. Blurred Vision

Your glossy head may be from soda. Soda intake contributes to the rise in diabetes diagnoses, which can induce hormonal changes and hair loss.

2. Breastfeeding Trouble

Caffeine can transfer from mom to baby while nursing, causing sleep problems, irritability, and digestive upset.Soda can cause bad vision.

1. Insomnia

Popular diet soda includes 45 milligrammes of caffeine, which might take half a day to digest. Soda after dinner may keep you up at night.

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