3 Drinks That Aging Your Brain Faster

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Drink accelerated brain ageing, and people who consumed at least one soda a day had more brain volume loss.

3. Soda

Regular soda drinkers exhibited lower "episodic" memory, or longer-term event recall.

Many of these people had decreased hippocampal sizes, a memory and learning-related brain region. Regular use of sugar-sweetened drinks may hasten hippocampus volume loss with age.

Diet soda may seem like a better option after reading about soda's impacts on brain ageing. Unfortunately, diet soda and brain health are linked.

2. Diet soda

Diet Coke drinkers were three times more likely to have a stroke or dementia, according to a research.

More research is needed since the study couldn't account for illnesses like diabetes that individuals may have gotten throughout the trial.

Most agree that excessive drinking accelerates brain ageing. Moderate alcohol consumption may also affect cognitive.

1. Alcohol

Conflicting research exists. Some of the world's longest-living individuals, from the Blue Zone regions, consume red wine regularly and have essentially no Alzheimer's or dementia.

One or two beers a day may harm your brain. Even moderate alcohol use shrinks white and grey matter, which are responsible for cognitive functioning.

coco cola tops this worst list yet again

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