5 Worst Foods To Eat for High Blood Sugar

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Fruit-flavored yoghurts are often sweeter than sweets. Try plain Greek or Icelandic yoghurt sweetened with honey.

1. Fruit flavored yogurts

Greek and Icelandic yoghurt offer more protein than conventional yoghurt, which may control blood sugar. Fresh fruit or nuts add fibre to yoghurt.

Smoothie bowls are just bowls of, you guessed it, smoothies! Just with a little more decor on top, made up of more fruit, nuts, and some other toppings. 

2. Pre-made smoothie or acai bowls

The most common one is the acai bowls, made up of deep purple fruit. Although delicious, and typically nutritious, premade ones don't have the same effect as a fresh bowl.

High-glycemic foods elevate blood sugar faster than low-glycemic meals. White bread, rice, potatoes, cola, and chips and pretzels are included.

3. Processed carbs

The glycemic index measures foods alone. To reduce blood sugar, consume them alongside protein and fiber-rich meals.

You might be overwhelmed by all the choices in the grocery aisles, especially when it comes to the cereal aisles.

4. Sugary cereals

Some cereals may be really high in total carbohydrates and lack both dietary fiber and protein, two nutrients that will keep your blood sugar stable and in control.

You won't feel as happy as a kid in a candy store when you hear about this one because sweet treats are on the "do not eat" list.

5. Candy

Unfortunately, if your blood sugar is already high, the last thing you should be eating is handfuls of candy, which will continue to make it go sky high.

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