7 Harmful Effects Of Eating Too Much Protein

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You'll be thirsty

High levels of nitrogen are harmful, so the body utilises fluids and water to wash it out, which might leave you thirsty. Drinking more water can help.

Your breath will get extremely stinky

Protein-lovers cut carbs. Low-carb diets burn fat for energy. This is great for abs (at first), but not breath.

You'll gain weight

A high-protein, low-carb diet may help you lose weight initially, but it might promote long-term weight gain, a Spanish research found.

You may put a burden on your kidneys

When you eat steak, chicken breast, or any other muscle-building food, you also consume nitrogen, which is found in amino acids.

Normal protein consumption excretes nitrogen harmlessly. Bjork argues that when you consume a lot of it, your kidneys have to work overtime to remove the additional nitrogen.

You'll add belly fat

When you eat more protein than your body requires (30 g per meal is the max), the additional protein is stored as fat and excess amino acids are excreted.

You could shorten your lifespan

According to a 20-year study of thousands of individuals, those who consume a high-protein diet are four times more likely to die of cancer.

You'll feel nauseated

Your digestive enzymes can't handle too much protein, explains Bjork. This might cause indigestion and nausea, so reduce your protein consumption.

What to consume instead of protein-rich foods? Complex carbohydrates are healthful.

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