8 Secrets Domino's Doesn't Want You to Know

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Kevin Beirne worked at Domino's throughout college, including a summer in NYC, and wrote about it four years ago for UK blog Joe.

1. Employees Keep Tabs On You

The more toppings you order, the fewer of each you receive. Pizza has limited space. Beirne says there are three peak price brackets: 1-2, 3-4, and 5+.

2. Don't Go Over 4 Toppings

Beirne says that Domino's employees can consume "accidental" food, which isn't necessarily accidental. "We seldom made additional pizza when we were hungry.

3. Mistakes Are Sometimes Intentional

Domino's website lets you provide delivery instructions, and some consumers submit unusual demands. The Sun says personnel has always been helpful.

4. Outlandish Requests Are Sometimes Met

If you want plain pizza with cheese, say so. This consumer learnt the hard way when his pizza only had red sauce.

5. 'Plain Pizza' Might Not Mean What You Think It Means

A focus group once said "Domino's crust is like cardboard," "completely bereft of taste," and "worst pizza I've ever had."

6. The Pizza Used To Be Kind Of Terrible

Standard base and Italian dough are identical. "Quantity varies. 9.5-inch dough is stretched for 11.5-inch pizza."

7. Italian Style and Regular Base Are the Same

One Domino's employee listed some strange things he's baked "Italian sandwich with cheese-stuffed bread, cinnamon buns, cinna bits

8. Some Domino's Employees Go Crazy With Elaborate Off-Menu Creations

Thai-style pizza (mango hab and garlic parmesan/boneless and onion and green pepper with garlic shake), quesadilla, calzone, stromboli. I forget others."

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