#9 Secrets Subway Doesn't Want You to Know

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Many owners of Subway restaurants have publicly called the chain out for ignoring their operational issues and providing little support 

Relationship with its own

Unlike many other major fast-food chains like McDonald's and Burger King, the majority of Subway's locations aren't run by restaurant groups or investment firms

rampant oppression

Insiders have said that the chain began its downward spiral after founder Fred DeLuca passed away, which left Subway without his tight-grip leadership

shrouded in controversy

Based on the number of restaurants it has, Subway has held the title of the largest fast-food empire in the world for some time.

thousands of locations

Subway's "Eat Fresh" slogan is alarmingly misleading, insiders claim. Because the chain keeps a tight grip on supply procurement

freshness of ingredients

The contents of Subway's tuna may have been the biggest fast-food story of 2021. It all started with a lawsuit that claimed the chain is defrauding 

chain's tuna

While the evaluation of the chain's bread by the Supreme Court of Ireland happened purely for tax purposes, the ruling still stands

 bread isn't even bread

Subway's Eat Fresh Refresh, also known as its largest menu overhaul in brand history, may have caused a major uptick in the chain's sales for a few months

sloppy smoke 

In order to promote the Eat Fresh Refresh, Subway promised to give away a million free sandwiches.

free sandwiches

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