Arby's Just Added Two Major New Items to the Menu

The fastfood sandwich giant has been successful in popularizing its fish sandwiches, & pescatarians & other seafood lovers will be happy to know that Arby's now launching two new fish-based options

the Hushpuppy Breaded Fish Strips and a Cajun Fish Wrap. Both will only be available for a limited time this summer.The new fish strips feature premium Pollock and are coated in crispy cornmeal-

based hushpuppy batter before being fried to a golden brown. They are served with a side of tartar sauce and can be ordered either a la carte as three or five pieces or as a meal with

Crinkle Fries and a drink. The three-piece Hushpuppy Strip meal is $7.59, although prices may vary by location.The Cajun Fish Wrap features the Hushpuppy Breaded Fish Strips with Cajun seasoning,

shredded lettuce, tomato, and a zesty Cajun remoulade on an artisan wrap. The wrap can either be purchased a la carte or as a meal with Curly Fries and a drink at $9.59.

While the chain is famous for its sliced roast beef, its fish sandwiches have been praised in positive reviews, particularly its King's Hawaiian Fish Deluxe Sandwich and Spicy Fish Sandwich,

which have impressed fans and critics alike. Additionally, as an insider tip, you can now ask for "Denali-style" at Arby's, meaning, you can add a fried fish fillet to a regular sandwich.

However, the option is only available when the sandwich chain brings back its seasonal fish option which isn't a year-round menu staple.While McDonald's was the first fast-food burger giant

to have fish sandwiches on the menu, (the famous Filet-O-Fish was launched in 1965), most burger chains have had a seafood option pop up on the menu over the years.


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