Best Bread to Eat to Lower Blood Sugar

The reverse of what you'd get with a regular white bread or another sort of refined carb is that 100 percent whole grain bread is often high in fibre and still has all of its nutrients intact.

Fiber is your best buddy when it comes to preventing blood sugar increases.

Fiber might help you feel fuller for longer, which prevents you from eating throughout the day.

Limiting your intake of refined and processed carbs like baked products and white bread, for example, can help you reduce or regulate your blood sugar.

When you consume more processed carbs, your body breaks them down fast into glucose, which enters your bloodstream and raises your blood sugar levels.

For those with diabetes or prediabetes, this can be a concern because their bodies struggle to create enough insulin, which is needed to take glucose from the bloodstream.

Because fibre is not absorbed by the body and does not trigger a blood sugar surge, high-fiber whole grains like oats and barley can actually aid improve blood glucose levels.

Purchasing whole-grain bread that is high in these fibre elements and low in refined sugars will help you control your blood sugar levels.

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