Best Diet For Long-distance Runners

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Long-distance runners enjoy hammering the pavement for kilometres.

Before lacing up your sneakers, it's important to know which foods can boost your performance. Read on to find out what long-distance runners should eat.

Food choices are crucial. Following the improper diet and consuming unhealthy food won't boost your performance or help you reach your fitness objectives.

Important: lean protein. Long-distance runners love it. Protein provides amino acids your body needs to grow and repair muscles.

Lean pork, beef, turkey, chicken, eggs, low-fat dairy, almonds, and beans are good protein sources.

Greek yoghurt is another great option. It supplies protein for muscles and carbohydrates for energy, and it's easy to digest.

Portable yoghurt is a plus. It's easy to put in a container with fresh fruit, such berries, another runner favourite. granola Before or after a run, eat a fast supper.

Carbs are crucial if you run one to three hours a day. When training hard, eat mostly carbohydrates. Daily carbohydrates of 2.7 to 4.5 g per pound.

A 135-pound runner should consume 365 to 670 g of "excellent" carbs daily. Pasta, rice, cereals, whole-grain bread, fruit, starchy vegetables, yoghurt, and milk are examples.

A runner's diet includes healthy fats. Avocado, seeds, nuts, nut butter, and olive oil are healthful fats.

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