Burger King Adds Something McDonald's Doesn't Have

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Burger King is a worldwide innovator. That includes attempting crazy ideas throughout the world that may never make it home.

Wendy's innovations are measured. Burger King's limited-time offers (LTOs) on its trademark Whopper sandwich are stunning.

Wendy's has done well by creating new product platforms. The most popular is the Baconator, a sandwich with customizable bacon patties.

The Breakfast Baconator substitutes sausage for the hamburger and Baconator Fries. Here comes Burger King.

Wendy's didn't invent cheese and bacon on fries, but it popularised the dish. Wendy's has made Baconator Fries a menu mainstay.

Burger King's UK menu now includes Cheesy Bacon Loaded Fries. Fast-food success usually leads to imitation. 

It's surprising that McDonald's or Burger King in the U.S. haven't copied Baconator Fries. With bacon already on the menu, both restaurants have cheese sauces they've utilised on LTO burgers.

Adding a menu item in the U.K. doesn't necessarily lead to it being offered in the U.S., but this one might (and definitely should).

McDonald's rarely offers variants of its french fries, although bacon cheese fries would make sense.

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