Burger King Is Currently Testing Out Three Major New Sandwiches

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Burger King is innovating fast. The restaurant is also trying three new crispy chicken sandwiches at certain locations.

Several New York City and Virginia eateries are serving non-Ch'King crispy chicken sandwiches. The three new Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches.

The Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich has a crispy white chicken breast fillet topped with savoury sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes.

The spicy version has a triple pepper spice glaze on the chicken fillet with the same fixings. Bacon and Swiss Cheese is the most interesting.

On a toasted potato bread, the Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich has a chicken fillet covered with sauce, Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes.

What's different from Ch'King sandwiches? The chicken patty looks slimmer than the chicken on Ch'Kings from the photographs.

This restricted release raises worries regarding the future of the Ch'King lineup.

The Royal sandwiches improve on the chain's success with crispy chicken or replace the traditional sandwiches.

Possible. While the Ch'King and its spicy counterpart earned wonderful reviews, Burger King's CEO stated initial sales were "minimal."

Burger King is one of only two big national fast-food restaurants currently failing to regain pre-pandemic sales, so menu modifications may be in order.

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