Burger King Puts A Bold Idea On The Menu

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QSR's Burger King is turning vegan. Since 2014, it's marketed a plant-based burger and established a vegan store in London's Leicester Square in March.

These locations, except Austria, were temporary pop-ups to evaluate demand for a bigger meat-free rollout. The Whopper inventor is now targeting Central America.

Costa Rica's Burger King San Pedro opens on August 8. Veggie Nuggets, Veggie Whopper, and King Veggie Sandwich will be sold.

Burger King's San Jose pop-up was founded on the popularity of plant-based foods.

Burger King says Costa Rica has the most Veggie Whopper sales in LAC.

Burger King's global marketing chief said, "We recognise guest and environmental needs." We want to provide the most people wholesome meat-free meals.

As more Westerners forgo meat consumption for health and environmental reasons, the plant-based business may reach $24.8 billion by 2030.

Peet's Coffee introduced four oat-based lattes, a vegan "egg" breakfast sandwich, and a Mediterranean flatbread with vegan smoked provolone cheese and pesto.

Peet's Coffee's Food R&D manager said plant-based foods are neither alternatives nor substitutes. Last year, plant-based meat, cheese, and dairy products grew.

McDonald's (MCD) ended their McPlant experiment following disappointing sales.

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