Burger King's Menu Goes Big With its New Burger

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Big Mouth is doing well for Burger King, and while it's not drastically different from the Whopper except for more meat, the chain is producing more varieties.

The most current Big Mouths include a BBQ and onion ring variant with golden-fried onion rings, Bullseye BBQ sauce, American cheese, and pickles, and a chicken version with a fried chicken patty.

These burgers began on August 12 and will be offered through September 1.

Both burgers cost 1230 yen ($9.06 U.S.) on their own or 1530 yen ($11.27) in a combination with fries and a drink, making them Burger King's most expensive.

The Big Mouth series premiered in 2021 in Cheese and Spicy. Hash & Chile and Cheese & Cheese varieties followed in March 2022.

while a Bacon Booster topped with eight pieces of bacon appeared in April (don't tell your doctor if you order it).

Fourth in a series, the onion ring and chicken fried variations show how popular this sandwich is in Japan.

On August 4, Restaurant Brand Worldwide's CEO Jose Cil underlined the strength of the international market.

Guests in France, Spain, Germany, the UK, and Switzerland rated Burger King in their top three. Burger King is France, Germany, the UK, and Italy's #1 QSR choice.

Cil claimed Burger King's foreign business grew 18% from 2021.

"Our workers and franchisees have worked hard to create a memorable and pleasurable visitor experience," he added.

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