Chick-fil-A's Popular Item Contaminated

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One of Chick-fil-healthiest A's menu items—and a popular kid's meal—hid an undeclared allergy.

The chain's grilled chicken nuggets have a dairy allergy due to supplier error.

A warning on Chick-fil-website A's says the allergen made its way into the recipe for grilled fillets and nuggets and that the firm is taking quick action.

"We're working with the supplier to make sure this doesn't happen again," the warning says.

"We take the confidence our Guests invest in us seriously and apologise for this circumstance. Our objective is to provide affected guests these goods promptly."

Undeclared dairy in food is innocuous for most, but individuals sensitive to dairy might develop rashes, upset stomach, vomiting, bloody stools, and even anaphylactic shock.

Chick-fil-A updated the ingredient list for impacted menu items on its app and website and sent signs to all restaurants to alert visitors.

While it wants to change its grilled chicken recipe, existing cutlets and nuggets will be served until they run out.

But KFC isn't the only business with a food safety concern. Wendy's is facing an E. coli epidemic in four Midwestern states, presumably from romaine lettuce.

More than 100 individuals have become unwell after dining at chain sites in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, and dozens have been hospitalised.

Because of the epidemic, Wendy's has temporarily ceased serving romaine lettuce in the impacted locations.

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