China reports first case of H3N8 bird flu

The H3N8 strain of bird flu has infected its first human in China, but the risk of it spreading among people is low, according to the health authority.

The variation was discovered in a four-year-old kid from Henan province's central province, who had fever and other symptoms on April 5.

According to the statement, the boy had come into touch with hens and crows raised at his residence.

Horses, dogs, and even seals have been reported to carry the H3N8 strain. According to the NHC, no human cases of H3N8 have been documented.

The H3N8 virus in this human instance is a reassortant, containing genes from viruses previously identified in poultry and wild animals.

According to Erik Karlsson, deputy head of the virology unit of the Institut Pasteur in Cambodia, the virus requires increased observation.

He went on to say that its role in the 1889 influenza pandemic, known as the Russian flu, was "a major concern for the virus's risk."

The vast numbers of farmed and wild birds of various kinds in China create an excellent habitat for avian viruses to mingle and develop.

Some people are infected on a sporadic basis, usually those who work with poultry.

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