Classic Orders You Have To Try at a Steakhouse

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Naturally, the most obvious order at any steakhouse worth its sea salt is . . . the steak. Especially a cut that goes above and beyond what you might cook at home.

The signature steak

At most steakhouses, the surf is just as popular as the turf, which is why seafood is another classic option chefs suggest trying.

The seafood appetizer

Meat and potatoes are a classic combination. Our Spanish-inspired steakhouse serves patatas bravas. We use fried gold potatoes seasoned with paprika and fennel.

The chefy potatoes

Another favorite carb at a steakhouse is bread, which chefs agree is an essential snack.

The bread basket with extra goodies

All that starch should be balanced with some greens—and steakhouse chefs love a standout salad, from the classic wedge to inventive novelties.

The standout salad

Rib-eyes and tomahawks aren't the only beef worth ordering at a steakhouse. For starters, steak tartare packs a punch of flavor as a notable appetizer.

The steak tartare

Steakhouses have bars. American steakhouses provide 2-ounce drinks. Send back drinks that don't irritate your throat. Martinis aren't drunk for flavour.

The stiff cocktails

Despite having so many savory plates to feast on, many a steakhouse chef suggests saving room for something sweet.

The over-the-top desserts

Cheesecake is another steakhouse staple. You can't go wrong with a cheesecake, and I guarantee every steakhouse has a good one.

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