COVID's cognitive impact is equivalent to 20 years of ageing: research

An IQ drop of ten points or the equivalent of ageing by 20 years was found in a recent British study of people with COVID-19 who were in such critical condition.

46 patients with COVID-19 who received critical care at a Cambridge hospital between March and June of 2020 were included in the study

which was carried out by researchers from the Universities of Cambridge and Imperial College London.

Eight iPad tasks were assigned to participants in the study, which involved a "custom computerised cognitive assessment battery."

Approximately six months after the onset of COVID-19, the participants took part in these assessments on average.

Hospitalized COVID-19 patients "scored significantly lower and were slower in their responses than would be expected given the control population," the study read.

In terms of accuracy and processing time, the participants showed "consistent pattern of cognitive underperformance," according to the researchers.

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