Disturbing consequences of eating avocados

You've heard that avocados are the reason millennials are killing the housing industry, and everyone knows the buttery fruit's health benefits. Few know that an avocado costs much more than the $1.50 for extra guacamole.

North America and the UK don't grow avocados, so they're imported. The farther a food is from its source, the bigger the impact.

One major environmental problem

Firstly, there’s the environmental impacts that come from the energy, water, fertilizer, and pesticides required to grow avocados.

Many moving parts of the industry

Tom Cumberlege, associate director of Carbon Trust, says packaging, processing, transporting, and cooling avocados have other impacts.

Then there’s the export

Not only do they require more water than other produce (twice as much as oranges), but they ironically are often grown in regions that face water scarcity.

Avocados are especially thirsty

Avocados use a lot of water, worsening Mexico and California's droughts and heatwaves, making it harder to grow the fruit, leading to more deforestation to farm it, etc.

A vicious cycle

Since being declared a superfood and becoming a breakfast obsession, global production has doubled over the past two decades to meet the increasing demands.

Global demand has skyrocketed

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