Eating Habits Ariana Grande Swears By

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Ariana Grande is an actress-turned-pop star-now-actress in Wicked. She manages to diet between successful records, movie roles, and cosmetic items.

Grande cares what she eats, and it shows. The small pop sensation stuns in r.e.m. beauty promotions. How does the "34+35" vocalist stay so beautiful?

Grande's trainer said she loves morning smoothies. When she's conducting a body reset, she'll even eat smoothies.

Grande only eats natural sugar. The singer loves berries, which are naturally sweet.

Grande routinely writes about her fruit snacks on Instagram, especially blueberries, which cut blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart disease risk.

Grande eats healthfully. Pasternak told that the "Wicked" star now treats herself. While she still eats healthy, she's relaxed her eating restrictions.

Grande's trainer discourages late-night munching and coffee. Grande enjoys a soy latte during the day, but not at night.

Coffee in the afternoon or evening might affect sleep and energy levels. Grande's hectic schedule means she must be prepared.

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