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Talia di Napoli

There are many of disagreements about which regional pizza type is "best" in America, but practically everyone agrees that Italy makes the greatest pizza. 

John's of Bleecker Street

John's of Bleecker opened in 1929. John's employs one of the city's few coal-fired ovens to manufacture thin-crust, Neopolitan-style pizzas.

Labriola Chicago

Chicago deep-dish pizza has a thick dough, mozzarella, meat, and veggies, then tomato sauce. Labriola's offers one of Chicago's top deep-dish pizzas and thin-crust pizzas. 

Lou Malnati's

Deep-dish pizza fanatic? Lou Malnati's began offering deep dish pies in 1971. It now has over 50 sites after 50 years.

Emmy Squared

Brooklyn, New York, is home to a famous Detroit-style pizza. Emmy Squared Pizza opened in 2016 in Philadelphia, Nashville, and D.C. 

Buddy's Pizza

Buddy's, which pioneered Detroit-style pizza in 1946, is the place to go.


Order from Pizzana, a Los Angeles restaurant renowned for its Cacio e Pepe pizza. Since launching in 2017, the restaurant has been awarded one of L.A.

Corropolese Italian Bakery & Deli

Philadelphia-style tomato pie contains a square crust, chunky tomato sauce, and Romano cheese. Locals don't name it pizza, and they don't eat it fresh off the oven.

Imo's Pizza

Unleavened, super-crispy crust with sliced (never diced) toppings. The sauce is almost sweet and uses "provel" instead of mozzarella.

Arcaro & Genell

Locals call it "The Pizza Capital of America." Old Forge-style pizza has a thick, light, airy dough topped with American, mozzarella, and cheddar cheeses.


Zuppardi's makes some of New Haven's greatest "apizza" New Haven-style pizza is oblong and chewy, thanks to Italian immigrants. Charred from a coal-fired oven.

QC Pizza

QC Pizza originates from the Quad Communities, five cities on the Iowa-Illinois border. Malt added to the dough gives these pies a toasted nutty taste.

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