While investigating ties to Russian tycoons, Finland has seized 21 yachts.

During the investigation into whether or not their owners are sanctioned as a result of Russia's attack on Ukraine, Finland has legal custody of 21 yachts.

Sami Rakshit, the head of the enforcement department, said by phone on Wednesday that the luxury boats are in winter storage and cannot be transferred while Finnish Customs investigates their beneficial owners.

Rakshit described the boats as "not boats an ordinary citizen would have, but they're not longer than 150 metres (490 feet)."

In Finland, where there are only a handful of millionaires, their monetary value is "significant."

The yachts of Russian billionaires have come under scrutiny around the world, particularly in Europe, as governments and organisations impose sanctions on the country for its invasion of Ukraine.

In Finland, the sea is frozen along the country's coast, so there is little risk that the impounded boats will sail out of the country's reach.

For as long as it takes to complete the investigation, the boats will be held, and if there are links to individuals who have been sanctioned, the cases will be transferred to the National Enforcement Authority of Finland

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