How To Make Delicious Scrambled Eggs Without A Stove

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Scrambled eggs are a popular on-the-go breakfast. If you have a stove, fluffy scrambled eggs are a quick and simple a.m. staple.

How do you make scrambled eggs without a stove? Rice cookers are the answer. Insider reports that rice cookers have long been used to produce a variety of foods.

Using a rice cooker in a pinch or to try something new. Scrambled eggs may be only the beginning of your egg-cooking experiences.

You may boil and poach eggs in your rice cooker's steamer basket. Rice cookers are surprisingly flexible.

Let's start simple. Mixing eggs with milk, salt, and pepper for rice cooker scrambled eggs. Once mixed, spray or oil the rice cooker pan and add whisked eggs.

Keeping the heat on "warm" if necessary. After reducing heat, cook eggs for a few minutes. 2 minutes, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon.

Scrambled eggs are easy to cook but easy to damage, so check them often. If everything goes well, you'll have fluffy scrambled eggs.

Maybe it's too much labour. Tasting Table has a typical scrambled egg dish.

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