Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine Restricted

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Due to the persistent risk of rare but deadly blood clots, US regulators on Thursday restricted who can receive Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccination.

FDA says individuals who cannot get another vaccine or who request J&J's vaccine should get the dose.

American authorities have long advised starting COVID-19 immunizations with Pfizer or Moderna.

They chose to restrict J&J's vaccine after reviewing evidence on the danger of life-threatening blood clots within two weeks following inoculation, the FDA said in a statement.

Because it only required one shot, J&J's vaccine was first hailed as a vital weapon in the fight against pan However, two doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations proved more beneficial than one.

Owing to its safety difficulties, the CDC recommended prioritizing Moderna and Pfizer over J&J in December.

US officials previously treated all three vaccines the same way because to their proven effectiveness.

J&J's vaccine has always had lower efficacy in follow-up studies. Blood clots from J&J's shot are rare, but occur, officials say.

Mid-March saw 60 cases, nine deaths. Per 3.23 million J&J shots, the FDA stated Thursday, there is one occurrence of blood clots.

Warnings concerning "long-term and devastating health repercussions" will be more explicit.

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