KFC Brings Back
Its Most Outrageous Product

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Fast food is usually decadent, but certain menu items are heart attack-inducing.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, a Yum! Brands YUM brand, has mastered this sort of product, from the fried chicken between two donuts "Zinger" to the chicken-filled flower arrangement for Mother's Day.

These are usually limited-time deals meant as promotional initiatives, not sales.

These crazy campaigns go viral on social media and promote the chain for them.

Some goods become cult favourites, though. KFC's Double Down is one. While the business calls it a "sandwich," fried chicken fillets hold bacon, cheese, and mayo-style sauce.

On April 1, 2010, KFC unveiled the Double Down. The sandwich grew so famous that late-night TV personality Stephen Colbert ate one on his show.

The Double Down appeared on t-shirts, internet forums, and KFC menus in Canada, Germany, Australia, and South Africa in the next decade.

Many fans still remember the Double Down's greasy deliciousness and want it back. Change.org petitions have been established to bring it back.

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