Locs Hairstyles for an Attractive Look

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The locs are perfectly knotted on top of the head in an array of thick, volumized portions, and the hair is as bright as a firetruck.

Vivid Red Knotted Locs

The hair is coiled and squeezed tight against the scalp into a massive, volume-packed bun at the top of the head.

Intricate Twisted Locs Bun

The long, curling locs are bright red, and the hair that twists and pulls them into place is black and shiny.

Bright Red Looping Locs

The hair on the sides of the head has been shaved almost completely away, and patterns have been shaved into the stubble.

Swirling Bleached Blonde Locs With Patterns

From a ponytail on the head, these locs tumble over the shoulders in a pleasantly curly fashion.

Stunning Curly Locs

On top of the head, the hair is twisted thinly and looped into a complex looping bun.

Elegant Updo

This kind of locs is timeless. The locs are long, thick, and separated in the centre.

Long Classic Locs

Another style in which the locs twist and curl, giving the hair a lot of volume and mobility.

Small Twisted Curling Locs

The locs are pulled into a bun on top of the head while still falling down the black in this unique style.

Black and Yellow Combo

Some curve and fall towards the face, but the majority of the hair is pulled back and fastened high on the head, falling straight down to the shoulders and terminating abruptly.

Sweet Simple Pigtails

The trick to achieving a uniform look from all perspectives is to style the locs differently in different parts of the head.

Side Updo in Swept Back Locs

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