beat the Suns in Game 3

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In front of a home audience that hadn't seen the second round in over a decade, Dallas' 103-94 win in Game 3 on Friday was an unquestionable success.

It's been a long time since Mavericks supporters have had reason to yell, believe, and cheer for a team that will be theirs for many seasons.

On the mile-long journeys to automobiles or houses, people say there was unending delight.

Scott Foster may have been reused as the major character in the well-known seasonal hymn “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.”

These players know who they are, believe in each other, and know how to win basketball games, even against more skilled teams, including the league's most gifted team.

It was pure Mavericks basketball in every way. Even when Dallas' talisman missed games, the plan worked.

When Luka Doni was limited to 34 minutes for questionable foul trouble, it worked. Even if Dallas loses this series, the joy fans should feel is justified.

It was the Suns' 88 possessions that stood out the most from Friday's win. That's where all the Mavericks stats began.

Slowing a squad that throws every outlet pass to a guard racing down the sidelines takes work.

This is something we discuss often,” Maxi Kleber stated after the game. "We must load to the ball." We must prevent holes from appearing.

Even though the Mavericks got eight offensive rebounds, it was obvious how swiftly they covered up their opponents when the action flipped.

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