McDonald's Adds Unique Burger To Its Menu

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McDonald's (MCD) is noted for its consistent menu over decades.

The McPlant took years to build, and it's still only accessible in a few U.S. areas.

McDonald's overseas franchisees generally take the largest chances and innovate the most, from the McAloo Tikki and McPaneer in India to the squid ink burger and Cilantro Sundae in China.

The Boseong Green Tea Pork Burger emphasises Korean tastes with a patty produced from Boseong nokdon, pigs fed fermented green tea to reduce oil and stink.

The Boseong Green Tea Pork Burger will have spicy cheese sauce, bacon, Korean cabbage, red onions, and mayonnaise.

The term relates to what the pigs eat, not what's in the burger.

Taste of Korea will include the Boseong pork burger at McDonald's locations in South Korea. 6,300 South Korean won ($4.79)

Aside from the Sausage and Egg McMuffin, pork is unusual on American fast-food menus.

A full-on hog burger is not now on the menu of any major American fast food business.

Tradition, local tastes, and the risk of food-borne illness from fast restaurant hog cooking are all factors.

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