McDonald's Japan announced two new Frappe varieties and a new macaron flavour on Twitter on Aug. 17.

Uji Matcha Frappe resembles Starbucks' Matcha Frappuccino. This one uses Kyoto's delicious Uji matcha powder.

Medium costs 450 yen ($3.33) and big costs 500 yen ($3.70). Large here costs less than Starbucks' $4.99 tall size.

Hojicha is a smokey and nutty Japanese tea powder.

It's topped with whipped cream like the Uji Matcha Frappe (which you can likely skip). McDonald's Japan only offers a medium for 490 yen ($3.63).

The newest macaron flavour, Hojicha, costs 170 yen ($1.26 U.S.).

Both kinds are popular in Japan as basic teas at many establishments.

McDonald's Japanese customers will enjoy these typical tastes as Frappes.

McDonald's announced a 9.7% increase in worldwide comparable sales in its Q2 results announcement on July 26.

Japan accomplished its 27th straight quarter of positive [comparable] sales.

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