McDonald's Fries Up Some Unique New Burgers

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McDonald's (MCD) is a traditional, all-American fast food brand that Americans have trusted for years.

McDonald's is both, and its income indicates that consumers have trusted it for years.

Starbucks is the second-highest-earning chain on the list. Mickey D's is still going strong despite "Supersize Me" showing how harmful their cuisine is.

McDonald's newest sandwiches may not be recognisable to some, but they're still comfort food where they're served.

Laksa Delight refers to a spicy Southeast Asian noodle soup prepared with coconut milk, like many Thai meals.

This release includes two desserts. The Teh C Frappe uses Teh-C, a milk-flavored tea popular in Singapore and Malaysia. It's topped with whipped cream and chocolate powder, McDonald's style.

Pulut Hitam pie has purple sticky rice and coconut cream. Sticky rice is a mainstay in Southeastern Asian cuisines, both savoury and sweet.

McDonald's experienced opposition when it expanded global, but it's now a fixture in many countries. In 1979, the restaurant opened in Singapore and set a world record for daily hamburger sales.

McDonald's U.S. sales are solid, but overseas sales will climb 16% in 2021. It has significant challenges in China.

"Recovery in China remains tough with negative double-digit comp sales in the second quarter," McDonald's CFO said.

Despite "difficult operating conditions," eateries provide core menu favourites and digital coupons.

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