McDonald's Menu Bring Back A Fan Favorite

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McDonald's Twitter postings have been measured. Yes, it may post about its renowned playgrounds or vintage characters, but it has never hinted a returning menu item.

In 2006, the chain introduced Snack Wraps. These appetisers were tortillas loaded with fried chicken, lettuce, cheese, and ranch sauce.

You could eat a couple as a dinner, but the 330-calorie Snack Wrap was designed as a late-afternoon snack.

Grilled chicken and other Snack Wrap varieties were offered in 2006. There were beef variations and a Big Mac riff.

Because they took too long to prepare, Snack Wraps were discontinued in 2016.

Snack Wraps, at least one variation, remain on the menu in Canada. McDonald's looks to be, if not teasing a comeback, at least testing fan interest in a return.

England serves Snack Wraps for breakfast. McDonald's prioritises kitchen efficiency. All-day breakfast died because of the drive-through/delivery epidemic.

McDonald's management must serve consumers and franchise owners.

It can't always offer customers what they want because of franchisees who resist anything that raises labour expenses or lowers margins.

Wraps are a good compromise. It's something people desire but isn't as hard as juggling breakfast and lunch orders.

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