Natalie Portman Swears By This Eating Habit

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Natalie Portman began performing at age 13 in 1994. She's since starred in films and TV shows and won an Oscar and two Golden Globes.

Many of her followers wonder how she stays so young-looking and healthy at 41.

Portman's vegan diet has contributed to her health throughout the years, even if celebrities have access to more costly health food and wellness treatments than the ordinary person.

Portman wakes up at 7 on non-work days. "Change the baby's diaper first. I generally join my spouse and son for breakfast. Mornings aren't my thing.

I'd sleep till noon if I didn't have kids or job. I'm awake because I work and have kids."

The busy star says she usually eats clean. "As a vegan, I eat oatmeal or avocado toast for breakfast."

Portman emphasises receiving enough vitamins and minerals in her diet, but as a vegan, she may lose out on certain. Portman gets B12 injections once a month because she's vegan.

Portman's family is vegan. Benjamin Millepied isn't a vegan, but their two children are.

Portman says, "It's natural since you cook one item for supper," explains Portman. "We eat mostly vegan and vegetarian meals. It becomes kid-normal."

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