New KFC Menu Item Is Really Different

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Recently, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has been certainly innovative with its menu items. 

KFC frequently surprises its consumers, from fried chicken flower bouquets for Mother's Day to a chicken doughnut sandwich.

KFC released chicken nuggets, like McDonald's and Wendy's.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Singapore released Shroom 'n Cheese Pockett and Flossy Original Recipe Chicken Porridge.

KFC is staying on trend with their latest menu item. The plant-based meat business will be worth $1.4 billion by 2020.

The plant-based meat industry is predicted to expand 15.3% during 2021-2028. Veganism, animal sensitivity, and sustainability are driving much of the growth.

Cracker Barrel's Impossible Foods sausage has remained on the menu despite controversy. Burger King (QSR) and Impossible Foods created the Impossible Whopper.

KFC (YUM) will release a revamped Popcorn Chicken on August 9, 2022. Now, vegetarians, vegans, and anybody who enjoys plant-based meat replacements may consume it.

Wicked Popcorn is comprised of pea protein and seasoned with Wicked Wings' flavours. New to KFC's menu is a lime ranch sauce.

Wicked Popcorn, Wicked Popcorn Bowl, and Wicked Popcorn Combo will be offered. KFC's mobile app will offer the dish for delivery.

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