One Major Side Effect of Eating Jalapeños

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Jalapeos are great in tacos and guacamole. Jalapeo poppers, anyone? Spice up a margarita. 

Some folks can't stand pepper, and not only because of the heat.

Capsaicin, a key ingredient in jalapeo and chilli peppers, can be irritating for individuals with acid reflux or heartburn.

Pepper's advantages generally don't offset the agony they produce for folks with chronic heartburn.

Heartburn may make the oesophagus seem on fire. Backward stomach acid in the oesophagus burns. Someone may get a lump in their throat.

First, spicy meals can aggravate reflux sufferers' digestive tracts. Second, they may be harder to digest, which might induce acid reflux.

If you get heartburn, there are other options. Capsaicin may be produced into a capsule or topical cream from pepper.

People use capsaicin creams, gels, lotions, and ointments to relieve joint, skin, headache, and nervous system pain.

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