Order to Never Make at a Pizza Place

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Customers are always right, unless they go crazy with the build-your-own-pizza menu. Even for something as simple as pizza, there's a correct and wrong way to order it.

Like seafood eateries, burger joints, and steakhouses, there are inappropriate things to order at a pizza-centric restaurant, fast-casual or high-end.

Unlike seafood restaurants or steakhouses, whose prohibited requests involve sustainability and cooking temperatures, pizza businesses have a no-customization policy.

Customers can trust a pizza place that puts care and craft into its recipes to make a delectable pie with harmonising toppings, cheeses, and sauces.

By ignoring specialised pies or building your own, you risk losing out on the greatest menu items or ruining a well-made pizza with clashing toppings.

Menu items that don't fit the idea should be avoided at pizza restaurants. Skip the crab cakes and pierogies. Stick to the restaurant's top dishes. Get the #1 seller and try it.

People shouldn't purchase non-Italian pizzas. Being Italian, my family avoids unexpected menu items like wings, Asian chicken salad, hummus, and nacho snacks.

These goods can be wonderful, but a marketing team's odds of executing a product well are low. We provide what tastes good and makes our customers happy.

Don't add more toppings to pizza since it might damage the chef's balance. We don't want our pizzas or pasta sauces changed.

Focusing on the house specialty implies consumers shouldn't emphasise strange appetisers or side items that might detract from the menu constants.

At fact, he argues seafood shouldn't be ordered in a pizza shop, since it's best cooked fresh in a seafood restaurant.

Then there are contentious pizza toppings like pineapple and jalapeo. The customer is always right" is occasionally ill-advised.

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