People Hate Wendy's Latest Stance

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Lisa LaFlamme, the former CEO of CTV, is where this narrative begins.

LaFlamme stated on Twitter how her 35-year run with CTV ended when Bell Media, CTV's parent company, cancelled her contract.

She said it was "wrenching to be departing CTV National News in a manner that is not my choice."

The Globe and Mail said that a CTV official questioned LaFlamme's decision to let her hair grow grey, causing an uproar.

Dove Canada and Wendy's Canada spoke up. Both addressed the issue on Twitter to express support for LaFlamme, with Wendy's dyeing their mascot's hair grey and

Dove contributing $10K to Catalyst, a Canadian group striving to create inclusiveness in the workplace for women, and encouraged the usage of the hashtag #KeepTheGrey.

Both efforts seem like well-intentioned approaches for corporations to promote LaFlamme's narrative and ageism towards women in the workplace.

But some Twitter users swiftly turned against Wendy's, calling the brand out for too much social awareness.

"Wendy's is out of my life. Sorry, I don't back woke firms "a user commented on Wendy's tweet.

Others found the gesture encouraging, and several said it made them want to eat at Wendy's. One woman shared her tale about her pride in her work and her silver hair.

Dove (UN) did marginally better with its contribution and hashtag, although some criticised the firm for using a young lady in the video it tweeted.

"Using a b&w photo of a youthful person doesn't assist us older women," said one user. 

"I saw a Dove ad with fat ladies. Body shaming talk and cream don't make things better. Continue to exploit women's insecurities."

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