Popeyes Isn't The Favorite In Louisiana

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Popeyes is one of the most known fried chicken brands, with $5.5 billion in yearly sales and approximately as many stores as Chick-fil-A.

In 2022, fried chicken likely means Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

Not in the chain's native state. Popeyes is just the second most popular spot to eat a chicken sandwich or nuggets in its own state

Raising Cane's, a Baton Rouge-based chicken finger chain, takes first place.

TOP Agency utilised GPS to monitor foot movement at the seven major chicken businesses in the US.

Raising Cane's did well in the study, beating Popeyes in Louisiana and winning in seven other states. This chain had the largest sales growth, up 4.7% over pre-pandemic levels.

Popeyes was second in 10 states, while Louisiana Kitchen won just one (in Washington). Chick-fil-A and KFC won 22 and 12 states, respectively.

Raising Cane's footprint is strong. In 2021, the chain was a sixth the size of Popeyes but made over $2.3 billion - approximately half what Popeyes did.

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