Popular Burger Chain Just Released A Juicy Burger

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BurgerFi, known for high-quality ingredients, restaurant innovation, and fast-casual acclaim, has released a new, limited-time burger.

Starting today through September 19, BurgerFi will sell a new Juicy Lucy Burger with two natural Angus beef patties, white cheddar, American,

and Pepper Jack cheeses, sweet tomato relish, and BurgerFi's distinctive Fi sauce on a toasted potato bun.

The new burger is a version of the 1950s "Jucy Lucy," a cheese-stuffed burger originated in South Minneapolis.

BurgerFi's antibiotic-free Angus beef has earned it a "A" in three consecutive beef quality ratings.

BurgerFi's president remarked, "We're revamping a popular favourite." We're delivering additional variety and creativity with new menu choices for burger lovers.

The $9.99 Juicy Lucy, created with Chef Cliff Pleau, may be bought in-store, online, or through BurgerFi's app.

BurgerFi's limited-time burger isn't the only summer newsmaker. The fast-casual restaurant said in June that 17 of its 27 corporate-owned sites will get self-service kiosks.

The new technology has allowed consumers more time to examine the menu, reassigned cashiers to dining rooms, and boosted ticket sizes by 18.5%.

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