Popular Fast-Food Items Discontinued This Year

1. Salads at Burger King

Earlier this year, the Whopper-slinger decided that New Year's resolutions were over, opting to cut salads from its menus entirely. Bold move.

With salads disappearing from other fast-food chains as well, it looks like customers will just have to go to dedicated salad restaurants now.

In a move to simplify operations and speed up service at its drive-thrus, the chain discontinued sundaes, whipped toppings, and chocolate milk.

2. Dairy Items at Burger King

These were less popular menu items anyway,but if you were heading to your local BK with the hopes of getting a fudge sundae with whipped cream & a chocolate milk chaser, you won't find any of that.

Lately, that budget-focused menu saw the removal of yet another item: soda.operators of McDonald's restaurants across the nation have stopped offering the $1 any-size drink 

3. $1 Drinks at McDonald's

option due to inflation. Without the deal in place, you'll now pay several dimes more to quench your thirst at Mickey D's.

Wendy's has now made the audacious move of replacing this instant fan favorite (at least temporarily, we hope) with another new flavor.

4. Vanilla Frosty at Wendy's

After earning acclaim in Canada, and rumors swirling of its debut in the U.S., the Strawberry Frosty has become a reality. That's all well and good,but since most Wendy's locations only have the

capacity for two flavors—and that OG chocolate obviously isn't going anywhere—that means vanilla had to be sidelined for the new fruity version.Here's the hopeful news, though: while vanilla may be

temporarily unavailable, strawberry is billed as a seasonal flavor, which means vanilla may return in the fall. We've had our hearts broken before, though, so we'll believe it when we see it.

the chain has begun to move away from menu customization it's so known for, instead opting for a straightforward menu of 12 sandwiches to be ordered by the number.

5. Customization at Subway


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