Popular Foods To Never Eat In The Morning

Sugary Breakfast Cereal

Most cereals are manufactured with refined flour, making them poor in fibre and prone to make you hungry soon after eating.


Although sausage is a food eaten by many for breakfast or at weekend brunch, sausage isn't the most nutritious morning option.

Wheat Bread

When you see 'wheat bread,' it's usually refined white bread, not WHOLE WHEAT." Refined white bread sends blood sugar and energy levels up and down.

Flavored Coffee Drinks

One as breakfast might cause jitters and a sugar crash. Make a coffee smoothie using cold brew, banana, almond butter, and pure honey.

Fruit Juice

When you make juice, you remove all the fiber but still get all the sugar and calories. Drinking a glass of orange juice is equal to eating about 5-6 oranges and over 300 calories!

Bakery-style Muffins

Most muffins are cupcakes without frosting. Many muffins, especially coffee shop or grocery store ones, have more calories, saturated fat, and sugar than certain cupcakes.

Toaster Pastries

Unfortunately, these popular breakfast pastries don't provide much nutrition to your body.

Coffee Shop Plant-Based Latte

Coffee shops sell low-protein, pre-sweetened plant-based milk. Most of my clients don't know plant milk is sweetened!

Dry Cereal

Dry cereal is heavy in carbs but poor in fibre, so it doesn't satiate hunger. It digests swiftly, leaving you hungry soon after.

Fat-free Flavored Yogurt

Plain yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, is a great option in the morning as it's high in protein and calcium.

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