Powerball jackpot winner $473.1 million

The year's second-largest Powerball jackpot has been claimed by only one ticket.

A ticket sold in Arizona won the $473.1 million jackpot on Wednesday night, lottery officials said.

The holder can choose between a $473.1 million annuity paid out over 29 years or a $283.3 million lump sum (both not counting taxes).

1136616268 with a Powerball of 4 were the winning numbers.

fewer prizes On Wednesday, an Indiana ticket sold for $1 million. That ticket matched the white Powerball numbers but not the red Powerball.

The year's biggest jackpot, $632.6 million, was split by two tickets in California and Wisconsin in early January.

the game's all-time top 10, which starts at $564.1 million (February 2015) and ends at $1.586 billion (January 2016).

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