Real Madrid vs. Manchester City in a Champions League Semifinal

As a result of the seven-goal thriller, the second leg is still up in the air.

Real Madrid's greatest gift is its deep faith in its own ability to win. Every time Madrid has been under pressure in the Champions League, one of its brilliant players has come through

 This season, the trend has risen to new heights. Madrid was second best for three quarters of both the round of 16 and quarterfinals against PSG and still won.

Suffice to say, it stuck around and beat a Manchester City side that threatened to outclass it 4–3.

For years, it has been felt that Premier League teams can physically dominate La Liga sides. 

During the semifinals two seasons ago, City pushed Madrid to the brink, winning easily despite the 2–1 result in each leg.

City's performance was built on pressing in what ended up being the highest-scoring semifinal in Champions League history.

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