Secret Side Effects of Eating Bananas

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Your skin can improve

One medium banana contains 13% of the daily manganese needs"—a fairly high percentage for such a small, easy snack.

Manganese is vital for creating collagen, which produces a young look and protects against free radical damage that may cause wrinkles.

Your colon will thank you

"Resistant starch" describes bananas. This resistant starch "helps create short-chain fatty acids.

You can avoid muscle cramps

Bananas' electrolytes help hydrate and regulate the body. When the body's mineral balance is off, muscular cramps might occur.

They can balance out the salt you're eating

The potassium levels bananas are known for are crucial for overall dietary health, especially if you're loading up on salt in other areas.

Bananas are a rich source of potassium, which is an essential nutrient that helps combat the negative effects of sodium.

They can help you lose weight

Bananas have a notorious reputation for being high in sugar and high in calories compared to other fruits.

But, despite this seemingly negative reputation, the fruit can actually help with weight control, "due to the fiber and antioxidant content."

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