Surprising Effects of Eating Kiwi

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Two kiwis supply more than 100% of your vitamin C needs, with the green variety giving 150% and the SunGold 290%.

You may get immune support

Consuming vitamin C foods like kiwis can help you prevent a shortfall and preserve your immune system.

Actinidin in kiwis aids digestion. Kiwi extract aids in the digestion of yoghurt, cheese, and fish proteins.

You may get digestion support

After a hard day, who doesn't want excellent sleep? 1 in 3 American people don't get enough sleep, despite knowing how crucial it is.

You may experience quality sleep

Vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables boost energy. Two SunGold kiwis per day increased subjective vitality in people with poor vitamin C levels.

You may experience improved vitality

Eating kiwis with spinach, healthy grains, and almonds may improve iron absorption.

You may have improved iron absorption

Vitamin C helps the body absorb and utilise this type of iron, combating iron deficient anaemia. As a good source of vitamin C, kiwis assist your body absorb heme-iron meals.

A randomised, controlled experiment found that male smokers who ate three kiwifruits a day for eight weeks had lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

you may experience decreased blood pressure

Eating 3 kiwis a day was connected to decreased systolic and diastolic blood pressure in a study of non-smoking men and women with moderately increased blood pressure.

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