THE #1 Worst Canned Tuna to Buy

Fish like tuna, which have a longer life span and eat more mercury-containing food, accumulate more methylmercury, a very deadly form of the heavy metal, than smaller fish like sardines.

Even while tuna is typically safe to eat, mercury poisoning, which can cause symptoms including numbness, lack of coordination, memory loss, and eye difficulties as well as seizures, can occur

if you consume too much of it.Most canned light tuna uses skipjack tuna, a smaller species. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, canned white tuna is albacore tuna, which has mercury levels

nearly three times greater than skipjack.According to Manaker, the best option when consuming big quantities of fish that may contain higher levels of mercury is to stay with canned tuna

selections that mention the type of fish inside. "Among canned tunas, Great Value chunk light is my least favourite. Great Value chunk lite does not specify the type of tuna it uses, for starters.

Yellowfin or skipjack might both be good options for mercury-free tuna. You have no idea, do you? "Because it's packed in vegetable broth, Manaker claims that this can of tuna has higher salt content

than other cans of tuna. Tuna packed with water or olive oil is the way to go.The can itself is also a source of concern. Tuna cans with BPA (Bisphenol A), a chemical found in plastic,have been found

to leach into food. Exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) has been related to a wide range of health concerns, including behavioural disorders in children and adults,as well as hypertension

and type 2 diabetes in the latter stages of life."Because this can is not 'BPA free,' eating this tuna frequently may cause the body to have too much exposure to this chemical," explains Manaker.

It's likely that eating this tuna in moderation will be fine and will provide your body with essential omega-3 fatty acids, so long as you stick to Safe Catch Elite or Wild Planet."

Both of these companies conduct mercury testing on their tuna. When it comes to skipjack tuna,only wild-caught fish are used by Safe Catch Elite.Mercury-free migratory fish are caught by Wild Planet.


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