The #1 Worst Yogurt for Blood Sugar

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Yogurt is a breakfast staple, a cooking ingredient, and a simple afternoon snack.

Some yoghurts' bacteria and nutritional value can aid digestion, offer you morning protein, and help you lose weight.

Not all yoghurts are made equal, despite appearances. Some manufacturers add fruit or flavours to hide excessive sugar and carbohydrates.

While these sugar-filled yoghurts may raise your blood sugar, one nostalgic version takes the cake.

Children's yoghurts make it difficult to regulate blood sugar. High-sugar, low-protein yoghurts are detrimental for blood sugar control.

Without enough protein and too many carbs, a person's blood sugar will soar since neither protein nor fat slows sugar absorption.

Even grownups adore the 'add-ins' such as toffee chunks or sweets in yoghurt. To minimize blood sugar spikes, avoid kid's yoghurts.

Choosing the appropriate amount or type of yoghurt may play a huge part in keeping you healthy. When choosing a variety, check the ingredients first.

Read the label before buying yoghurt. Best yoghurts have 10 grammes of sugar and 15 grammes of carbs per serving.

If you can tolerate a yoghurt with little sugar, one variety offers the most nutrients.

Protein-rich foods digest slowly, keeping you satisfied longer. Protein slows carbohydrate breakdown and blood absorption.

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