The Eating Habit Jennifer Lopez Swears by

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck confirmed their quick Vegas elopement on Sunday.

Fans have noticed how wonderful Jennifer looked in the white dress she's been preserving since she wore it in one of her flicks.

With her 53rd birthday on July 24, many wonder how she looks better with age. J. Lo maintains a healthy diet and workout programme despite her celebrity and wealth.

Jennifer's secret to looking fit in her 50s is avoiding processed meals. For additional celebrity health recommendations, see Sigourney Weaver's #1 Eating Habit.

Dodd Romero, Jennifer's life coach and trainer, told Us Weekly about her diet in 2019. Her diet "consists of protein, veggies, lipids, carbs, and water."

Jennifer has at least seven glasses of water a day, according to Romero.J. Lo "gets her nourishment from entire sources," Romero tells Us.

He told Us Weekly that Lopez eats egg whites, poultry, turkey, and grass-fed beef three to four times a week.

Nuts and fish provide the rest of the week's protein and healthful fats. Lopez consumes largely healthy grains and fruits and veggies.

A healthier diet helps this celebrity stay healthy, especially because processed foods are related to heart disease, early mortality, and type 2 diabetes.

J. Lo has greater access to healthful meals than other individuals, yet processed foods are most available. 

Healthy eating doesn't need a clean diet. Replacing manufactured snacks with real foods can help.

Jennifer Garners Exact Breakfast Looks Delicious

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