The Sandwich You Should Make Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Like your star sign, sandwiches come in endless varieties, making it hard to choose a favourite. Some people prefer BLTs or turkey clubs, while others like to experiment with hoagies. If you consult the zodiac for career, love, and happiness advice, why not lunch? Here's your zodiac sandwich.

Aries: Breakfast Sandwich

Aries, you're ambitious. You're a natural leader as a fire sign and the first zodiac sign. Mars rules you, so you like to get things done early. Your ideal sandwich is filling, tasty, and portable (you're busy). A classic breakfast sandwich will energise you for the day.

Taurus: French Dip

You're a down-to-earth earth sign who's easygoing. You're pickier about food. As a Venus-ruled sign, you like to take things slow and enjoy every moment. A classic French dip sandwich is delicious and decadent, just like you, Taurus.

Gemini: Tea Sandwiches

You're chatty, charming, and never still. As an air sign, you're curious and eager to explore. Mercury, the planet of communication and wit, rules your mind (and mouth). Tea sandwiches fill you up without slowing down your socialising. These delectable finger foods are portable and come in a variety of flavours.

Cancer: Grilled Cheese

Cancer, you're sentimental and love comfort foods. Your nurturing nature deserves a sandwich that can do the same for you. A nostalgic grilled cheese with tomato soup will make you feel at home. Just snuggle up and watch a movie.

Leo: Croque-Madame

Leo, you're amazing. Life is loud and big. Sun-ruled Leos are drawn to bold people, places, and experiences. As a luxurious and expressive zodiac sign, you need an elegant sandwich. Croque-Madame, a hot French bistro classic, will turn heads like you, Leo.

Virgo: Sandwich Wrap

Virgos are zodiac's perfectionists. You're one of the most reliable and kind signs, though. You're a reliable friend. A wrap is reliable and well-packaged. You'll get your favourite sandwich in a wrap. You deserve it.

Libra: Muffuletta

Air signs seek balance and symmetry. You don't indulge to brag—you want to enjoy it. Venus rules Libra, so you appreciate finer things more than others. Most think that only applies to relationships, but it also applies to food. You want something traditional yet unexpected. A muffuletta is a homestyle favourite with complex savoury notes.

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