Ugly Danger Sign You're Eating Too Much Fast Food

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Chronic headaches? How about restroom issues? If you often eat fast food, you may encounter these symptoms. Why?

Because highly processed fried meals can induce inflammation, a symptom you're consuming too much fast food.

Why is inflammation important? Inflammation is the immune system's reaction to a bacterial or viral infection.

White bread, sugary drinks, processed meats, margarine/shortening, and fried meals can cause inflammation.

The immune system reaction was inflammation akin to fighting off illness, which can lead to chronic disorders if indulged for a long time.

Chronic inflammation causes this. Healthline describes two forms of inflammation. First, acute inflammation, which lasts a few weeks. Symptoms of illness.

Chronic inflammation lasts longer than six weeks. Non-injury-related autoimmune illnesses cause this.

Fast eating and ultra-processed meals promote inflammation and change gut microbes.

You'll develop chronic inflammation if you don't care for your gut and microbiota with nutritious, natural meals. Chronic inflammation can cause cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer's.

If you have persistent headaches, potty issues, a low mood, and a swollen physique, it's likely due to inflammation from fast food.

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