Viral Food Challenges That Were Dangerous

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The Cinnamon Challenge

People can gag or choke on the cinnamon, which can be extremely dangerous. Plus, inhaling large amounts of cinnamon may damage the lungs.

The Carolina Reaper Challenge

The "Ghost Pepper Challenge" peaked in 2012. The goal was to consume a ghost pepper whole, undiluted. The Carolina Reaper made things even worse.

Guinness World Records named Carolina Reaper the hottest chilli pepper in 2017. People started eating them whole.

Tide Pod Challenge

Tide pods are laundry detergent that look like candy. Eating laundry detergent is not a good idea.

Although evident, individuals ate Tide Pods in the 2010s. Nearly 220 teens were accidentally or intentionally exposed to tide pod capsules in 2017.

Dry Scooping Challenge

You may have seen this trend on TikTok's "For You" page. This fad promotes using pre-workout supplements without water. Just consume a scoop of protein powder.

Dry scooping causes heart palpitations, lung damage, and inhalation-related infections. Digestive problems are common.

Placing an avocado in water

This non-challenge hack went viral. This approach aimed to prevent avocado brown blotches. It meant prolonged avocado freshness.

Tik Tok started the practise by refrigerating avocados in water bottles. When chopped, avocados reveal healthy, green fruit.

Putting your avocado in water may sound like a wonderful idea, but it might lead to foodborne diseases.

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